The senior director of legal risk control / legal risk control director Return

Job responsibilities:

1. Establish and improve the company’s investment risk management policies and procedures, review the implementation of the related systems and make recommendations for improvement;

2. Participate in the due diligence and business negotiation of the investment projects, responsible for the drafting of legal texts, and assist in the delivery;

3. Review, evaluate the deal structuring, risk-adjusted returns and risk control measures;

4. Participate in and supervise the project investment management, and participate in the risk resolving and disposal;

5. Responsible for contract review, contract management and litigation matters;

6. Responsible for the company’s daily legal work, drafting, reviewing the relevant legal documents, responsible for the communication and coordination with law firms;

7. Be responsible for the industrial and commercial administration of company/fund establishment and modification.


1. Education: domestic and foreign key universities’ bachelor’s degree or above;

2. Majors: law related professionals, legal and economic compound education background is preferred;

3. Qualification: have legally relevant practice, authentication certific ate (lawyer certificate,etc.);

4. More than three years working experience in finance and investment industry legal/risk control, familiar with legal/risk control process, having the following experience is preferred:
(1) Have the working experience of law firms and financial institutions at the same time;
(2) Have the operation experience in PE/VC and other specific projects;

5. Familiar with the laws, regulations and regulatory policies related with financial investment;control process, having the following experience is preferred;

6. Have strong comprehensive analyzing ability and writing skills;

7. Good communication skills, coordination ability and team work spirit.