Investment director/deputy director/senior investment manager (investment banking) Return

Job responsibilities:

1. Search and filter the programs that is suitable for the investment in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and the directional issuance;

2. Assist and participate in the IPO, refinancing, merger, acquisition, reorganization and the recommendation and listing of the new three board, etc;

3. Carry out or guide the analyst in the market, industry and enterprise research;

4. Build the financial model of the project and analyze the valuation and return;

5. Lead the team and external resources to execute the project’s due diligence, and issue the diligence report;

6. Responsible for the project investment program or transaction structure design, participate in the project negotiation, and prepare project investment documents;

7. Participate in and responsible for the processing of major issues during the project execution, responsible for the timeliness of the processing results and reports.


1. Education: domestic and foreign key universities’ bachelor’s degree or above;

2. Majors: major in law, finance, economy, management or engineering, it is preferred that they have compound economic and engineering education background;

3. Qualifications: people who have the investment, legal, financial and other related institutions certification qualifications are preferred (CFA, CPA, lawyer certificate, etc.);

4. More than three years working experience in investment banks, people who have the following experienced are preferred:
1). The related working experience in Well-known brokerage, PE/VC, investment companies, the investment departments of listed companies, etc;
2). Have the independent operation experience in projects such as investment banks;

5. Familiar with the capital market, the related laws, regulations and policies, familiar with investment banking process;

6. Have strong business development ability and certain business resources reserve;

7. Have strong team cooperation consciousness and the ability of communication and coordination;

8. Proactive, able to work independently, can bear larger work pressure;

9. Have a strong production capacity of electronic documents, read and write English skillfully, have certain ability of oral communication.