Analyst/investment assistant Return

Job responsibilities:

1. Build and optimize the overall research frame of the target industry and information collection mechanism;

2. Carry out the data tracking to the target industry, write the industry’s and company’s analysis report, assist to screen projects with development potential and investment value;

3. Attend the communication meeting of the target industry, and build the cooperation channels of the external institutions;

4. Participate to make the business to the best tone of the proposed investment projects, write reports and analyze the valuation and return;

5. Assist the investment team to carry out the investment negotiations of the trade structure project;

6. Assist the drafting and revision of the project agreement, and complete the project delivery.


1. Education: domestic and foreign key universities’ bachelor’s degree or above;

2. Majors: medicine, computer, finance, mathematics, finance and other related majors, composite education background is preferred;

3. Qualifications: people who have the investment, legal, financial and other related institutions certification qualifications are preferred (CFA, CPA, lawyer certificate, etc.);

4. More than three years working experience in the related fields, people who have the following experienced are preferred:
1). The working experience in well-known consulting companies, brokerage institutes, and industry associations;
2). The related working experience in the domestic well-known PE/VC or the merger investment fund;
3). Have a deep understanding about the influence and development opportunities of Internet on the industry;
4). Have a broad industry vision, and be good at learning new areas;

5. Familiar with the relevant databases and the financial tools;

6. Love research and investment work, having a high work ethic and a good team spirit;

7. Have quick thinking, well logic, good information search, data analysis and report writing capabilities.